Blackjack strategy

As a player you need to come up with a strategy that resonates with your playing style or choose from among the already established strategies for blackjack.

Blackjack strategies are divided into two major categories:

  • Multi-deck Strategy: more high values especially the 10s giving you more double down chances. The opportunities as well as playing strategies increase with every increase in the number of card decks used for playing.
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  • Single-deck Strategy: favors those that are into counting cards since it’s simple and easy to follow.
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The number of decks being used also determines how many players can take part in the game as well as the bankroll for wagering.

The most common way that players use in coming up with strategies is the use of blackjack strategy charts. Every variation has its own chart which is much easier to memorize than counting cards especially for multi-deck blackjack. These charts are divided into:

  • Strategy Cards: show a player the different combinations that can result into a win easily
  • Hand Charts: gives information on how hands are dealt and how the hand values can be played to better leverage on the card values for a win.
  • Odd charts: charts the odds of every combination winning hence helping you perfect your proffered playing hand.
  • Hit Chart: has guiding information on how to get the highest score closest to 21 possible once a hand has been dealt.

The charts mentioned above form the basis upon which a player comes up with their own playing strategy. Experienced players conclude that the hit chart is the easiest way to ensure as a player you hit the blackjack, once you familiarize yourself with the strategy.

Once you are acquainted with the above strategies you can now start looking at the advanced blackjack strategies. This is where you learn how to: split 10’s, take insurance, the perfect game times for a hit, and, when to hit the hard 11’s or not to.

How to count cards in blackjack

The most commonly known and usually misconceived idea of all in blackjack playing is the counting of cards as a strategy. With a solid blackjack counting system it is fairly simple to count cards and make it a winning system.

To win consistently through blackjack card counting, it is essential to remember that at its core, this is a system that uses elimination and probability. One analyzes whether they will have an advantage given the remaining cards not dealt and based on this also make a wager.

When using multi-decks system, it is almost impossible to recall all the cards dealt. The best system in this scenario would be to assign value to a cluster of cards and use this clustering to keep track of what has been dealt which then guides you on the size of your wager.

Caveat, although card counting can result in consistent winning, it is heavily frowned on in the blackjack circles.


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