Blackjack rules

The common rule in blackjack whether online or not is to get a total hand value of 21 points. The parties to the game are a dealer and either one or multiple players. Every player’s target is to have a hand as close to 21 without going over or have a hand higher than the dealer’s. The following terms are the basics when trying to learn how to play black jack and are part of every blackjack guide:

  1. Hit: act of dealing an extra hand aiming to get close to 21.
  2. Split: act of splitting cards of the same value to play them as separate hands.
  3. Stand: putting a stop to further card dealing when one is confident that they possess a score that is than the house dealer.
  4. Doubling Down: used when one has two cards with a total score of 10 to double a bet with the aim of being dealt one more card.

Blackjack Rules for a Winner

The best outcome for a bettor is getting a blackjack because it results in three to two pay out. A player getting a higher score than a dealer results in a pay up that matches the bet placed. To lose the bet, the dealer should get a blackjack and or have a higher score than the players. A blackjack outcome for both the player and the dealer result to no win or loss.

Card values are important to this game. The value is arrived at as the direct correspondent of the number drawn on the card face: 2-10. Cards that don’t have a number on them are all valued at 10 with the exception of the ace which has a value of either 1 or 11 and hence is the most coveted card due to its versatility. The latter can either get you a win first or be used to get a do over. Always separate your A’s and 8’s, this is an expert rules of blackjack that you won’t find in any of the written down casino blackjack rules. It’s a trick that can change a losing hand to a win instantly. This is the reason bettors’ refer to hand as either being soft or hard.

Dealers also have rules guiding them:

  • Shuffle cards every once in a while after dealing hands
  • Always deal the cards face down for the first round
  • Deal from the left
  • Dealer gets a card as the last player
  • Deal cards face up after the first round is complete.

How to win at blackjack

The best way to win at blackjack is when card sums up to 21 points. You have to remember you are only a winner if the corresponding dealer value isn’t 21 too. The other winning way is following the basic blackjack tips, get higher points tally than the house dealer, that is; if you don’t get a blackjack get the closest score to 21 as possible.

It is possible to win consistently at blackjack through following any of the following strategies: ace sequencing, hole carding, or, edge sorting. Pick a strategy suiting your playing style, be consistent and systematic and you will know when to double down for a win.


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